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Clean Biomass Stoves Help Fight Indoor Pollution in India

Last year’s State Department warning about the harmful impact of indoor air pollution in the developing world prompted swift action from tech firms and non-profits.

Envirofit, a US-based nonprofit corporation specializing in engineering, has teamed up with Shell Foundation (UK) to design and develop affordable, clean-burning biomass stoves to help fight indoor pollution in India. Burning elemental biomass, the recently introduced cookstoves reduce toxic emissions by as much as 80%, use 50% less fuel and cut cooking time by 40%. Already available in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu provinces, the cookstoves are also durable and adhere to the unique cooking habits of Indian women.

Wood, crop waste, animal dung and other traditional forms of biomass are “likely to remain the primary cooking fuel for a large majority of rural Indian households for many years to come. Against this background and the alarming number of annual of indoor air pollution-related deaths worldover, we are committed to developing products that will make a significant contribution to healthier and cleaner living,” said Harish Anchan, General Manager of Envirofit India Pvt Ltd.


link: http://www.goodcleantech.com/2008/07/clean_biomass_stoves_help_figh.php


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